smoke creature


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watercolour + gouache + ink

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★ Sticker Calendar Set ★

I’m happy to announce a new project eecks & I have been working on! : )

The Sticker Calendar pack comes with..

  • 12 individual month stickers (4”x6”)
  • Side label faces for each month
  • 2 bonus self-cut sticker sheets you can use for taking notes and marking important dates on the calendar!
  • (Also comes with a small instruction sheet)

The month stickers are printed on matte label stock, and can be put on any blank notebook or sketchbook, with however many pages you’d like inbetween each month!

We made a test run and the sets will be available at Fan Expo Toronto (August 28~31) from eecks (A93) and I (A168)! (20$ / set)

Will be online after Fan Expo!

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Some originals are now available on storenvy!

noon reblog!

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Some originals are now available on storenvy!

Really sorry to people who were expecting it earlier in the day!! ><

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Girl and Hercules beetle

watercolour + arches

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Terrarium stickers! Brought these babies out of retirement; available in online store again :)

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golden tree

watercolour + 90lb saunders paper

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A mechanical goldfish

Part of the Night Zine!

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